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With millions of users all across the globe, Snapchat is always bustling with activity as individuals exchange and receive photographs and messages.

Last February, Snapchat added My AI chatbot for the first time as an artificially intelligent friend for users.
However, My AI, in general, was met with resistance from users from the start. And yes, I wish he would go away. How to delete My AI on Snapchat? This post will give you the effective steps.

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What Is “My AI” on Snapchat? How Do I Use It?

Do you really know what “My AI” is? It’s no big deal. Before figuring out how to delete My AI on Snapchat, let’s get an understanding.

My AI is the chatbot currently available for Snapchatter.

In a chat conversation, My AI can answer tough trivia questions, suggest the perfect gift for your best friend’s birthday, help you plan a long weekend hike, or suggest what to make for dinner.

The members are constantly working to improve and develop My AI, but its responses may contain content that is biased, inaccurate, harmful, or misleading.

Because My AI is an evolving feature, you should always double-check the answers provided by My AI before relying on any advice and do not share confidential or sensitive information.

How to stop My AI from watching your Snapchat stories?

If you’re intimidated by the concept of My AI, you might be even more surprised to learn that, by default, it can watch your Snapchat stories.

While Snapchat doesn’t directly state that My AI monitors your stories, the toggle under My AI’s privacy settings indicates that it can access them.

To turn off access to your stories:

Step1. Go to the Chat tab.
Step 2. Tap and hold the My AI banner.
Step 3. Click Privacy Settings.
Step 4. Turn off “My Stories”.

How to Delete My AI on Snapchat?

How to Delete My AI on Snapchat?

However, I need to clarify. Only Snapchat subscribers can perform this action. According to the website, “Snapchat+” subscribers have early access to the new My AI feature and the ability to unfix or remove My AI from the chat feed.”

How to delete data from My AI?

My AI saves all user data that you interact with until you delete it yourself.

To delete the past:

Step 1. You simply click on the profile icon.
Step 2. Scroll down to Privacy Controls.
Step 3. Click on Clear Data.
Step 4. Click on Clear My AI Data.

It’s important to note that by taking these steps, Snapchat will only delete data from your past conversations with My AI but not from other interactions with My AI.

To delete data from any of your conversations with My AI, you must delete conversations with users who mention My AI by long-pressing on individual conversations.

Permanently delete My AI by purchasing a SnapChat+ membership

Snapchat seems to know how much users hate My AI and has decided to capitalize on it. Currently, the most effective way to unfix or delete My AI is with a Snapchat+ membership.

Memberships are $3.99 per month or $29.99 per year and offer users exclusive features, including experimental, pre-release features, custom app icons, chat wallpapers, custom story expiration times, and more.

If you choose this route, permanently deleting My AI is very simple and no more complicated than deleting any other chat.

All you have to do is:

Step 1. Press and hold My AI in Chat.
Step 2. Click on Chat Settings.
Step 3. Click on “Remove from Chat Source.”

How to Add My AI Back to My Chat Feed?

Now, what if you deleted your AI on Snapchat unintentionally or intentionally? You’re looking for a way to get it back, and the answer is that you can restore My AI on Snapchat to your chat feed by trying these methods.

To refix My AI: Go to the Snapchat+ admin screen from your profile and open My AI.

According to the team, to add My AI back to your chat feed, you should:

● Click the 🔍 icon and search for My AI.
● Click My AI to open a chat.
● Send a chat to My AI to return it to your chat feed.

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