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Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown - Ubisoft's Best Side-Scrolling Game?

After 14 years, Prince of Persia is back! Even if it’s not the prince, the series as a whole is back!

One of my criteria for determining whether a game is good is if it can keep me playing it, not put down the controller and lose track of time. Well, “Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown” is exactly that kind of incredible surprise. Brilliant gameplay and gorgeous visuals make it utterly addictive to play, and in my time with it, I never wanted to put it down!

“Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown” is a delightful new beginning for the saga, a project that exudes all the passion infused by its developers. If you’re also interested in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, check out this article for reference!

● Nintendo Switch (Jan 18, 2024)
● PlayStation 5 (Jan 18, 2024)
● Xbox One (Jan 18, 2024)
● PlayStation 4 (Jan 18, 2024)
● PC (Jan 18, 2024)
● Xbox Series X/S (Jan 18, 2024)
● Standard Edition: $49.99
● Deluxe Edition: $59.99

The Plot of Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

Players take on the role of Sargon, a member of “The Immortals,” which serves the Persian Kingdom.

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

However, during a celebratory feast after defeating General Kushan and returning triumphantly, Prince Ghassan, the son and heir of the Persian Queen, is kidnapped. Sargon and his companions immediately set off to Mount Qaf to rescue the prince.

Mount Qaf is the domain of Simurgh, the god of time and knowledge. Within the temple, time becomes distorted, and everyone’s perception of it varies.

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

The former comrades of Darius, who served 30 years ago, still roam within, believing only a few days have passed. Some of Sargon’s companions have just entered the mountains but feel like years have passed. Moreover, the members of The Immortals become suspicious of each other and turn into enemies due to various strange signs. The Immortals start to crumble from within. While chasing the phantom of a mysterious young boy in the temple, Sargon tries to uncover the truth behind the prince’s disappearance in the distorted timeline.

The Shift to Metroidvania Style

During the transition from “Prince of Persia: Assassins” to “Assassin’s Creed Mirage,” Ubisoft had told the developers that they did not want to create a Prince of Persia game without the prince as the main character. However, in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, they abandoned this notion and set the protagonist as a warrior of The Immortals.

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, The Shift to Metroidvania Style

Once you enter Mount Qaf, the game shifts from a linear map to a freely explorable Metroidvania-style map. A main path guides the player through the story, branching out into several side areas, hidden paths, shortcut routes, or side quest zones, as well as paths that require unlocking abilities to progress.

After reaching a relay point in Mount Qaf, teleportation points, shops, and forges unlock, and the paths extend in all directions.

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

Going to the right leads to a green forest filled with thorns. Players need to deal with flexible wildmen like monkeys while shooting seeds to clear the path. Going to the left leads to the ruins of Mount Qaf’s city, where spikes pop out upon touch on walls and floors, and players must time their movements through narrow passages with swinging pendulum traps.

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, forest

Going downwards leads to a deep descent, with swarming bugs and poison pools becoming new threats. There are also dangerous gears during the descent and floors that collapse at intervals. Going upwards leads to the upper levels, entering grand buildings once fortresses. Cursed soldiers cooperate to block the way, and various time-related mechanisms are the only way to progress upwards.

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

Elegance, finesse, style – whatever you want to call it, Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown has it.

Fast-paced Battles & Flexible Combos

Unlike most current games that lean towards “Souls-like” difficulty and gameplay, The Lost Crown offers a refreshing experience with flexible character attacks and actions. You can unleash a variety of cool combos, much like in Devil May Cry:

  • Seamlessly incorporating aerial maneuvers into ground combos.
  • Controlling enemy air time or landing.
  • Even canceling recovery frames with special moves to connect attacks that wouldn’t normally link.

If you want to make your battles look cool, The Lost Crown’s action system is definitely worth exploring. Characters can perform different attack actions during movement, sprinting, and dodging, along with impressive techniques like perfect defense, counterattacks, and flawless evasions.

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, battles

In addition to the basic moves, the combat experience is enriched by the variety of weapons that players can use at the same time.

Early on, the protagonist acquires a bow and the “Ring Blade.”

  • The bow: allows consecutive shots, eliminating distant enemies or extending the air time.
  • The Ring Blade: Initially appearing to be more puzzle-oriented, it offers an advanced gameplay mechanic. When the Ring Blade returns to the protagonist, it can be rebounded by blocking. If you can consistently and accurately rebound the Ring Blade, you can unleash a burst of high damage within a short period.
Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, the bow

Moreover, the enemies in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown are quite smart. They will not stand still and let you attack them. Instead, they employ various tactics to interrupt your combos, even actively countering to find out your vulnerabilities. So, it’s dangerous to continue attacking in such situations.

In other words, the combat in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown encourages players to use skillful tactics to win. Simply relying on basic attacks will likely lead to a frustrating experience.

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

The game also features an “Amulet” system that can alter the combat experience, similar to the various badges in Hollow Knight.

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, amulet

In addition to the conventional amulets that increase health, damage, and resistance, there are also special effects. For example, one Amulet can add an extra damage segment to the protagonist’s basic combo, but only if the attack button is pressed again on the third hit.

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, the boss

The captivating boss fight designs are another highlight of Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown.

In just three hours of gameplay, I encountered over five unique bosses. Each boss emphasizes different aspects of combat, testing player reaction speed with combination moves, challenging endurance with high defense and damage, or focusing on impressive animations and effects with camera angle switches in the side-scrolling perspective.

Especially in the final boss fight of the demo, it was almost like a pure spectacle, with dazzling special effects and unpredictable attacks.

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown PS5 Walkthrough

8 Beginner Tips You Need For Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

1. Use Memory Fragments to Remember Locations.

Use Memory Fragments to Remember Locations.

One of the most frustrating aspects of Metroidvania-style games is remembering the places around the map that you can access after obtaining new abilities or upgrades. Luckily, “Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown” introduced a feature in the form of memory fragments to address this issue. These fragments allow you to capture a screenshot of your current location and store it on the map for easy reference.

Memory fragments are represented as small eyes on the map, and they can be hovered over when viewing Sargon’s Eye of the Wanderer in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown. Before acquiring upgrades later in the game, you only have a limited number of fragments, but even having just one is an excellent way to remember old spots you might have missed because you didn’t have the ability to explore that area.

2. Buy Maps From Fariba

Buy Maps From Fariba

In hidden locations around the castle, you can find a young girl named Fariba, who provides advice on dealing with the mysterious time curse plaguing Mount Qaf. This NPC also sells maps of any area where you find her, giving you an outline of that region. Those seeking treasures like Soma Petals to upgrade their health will go to great lengths to acquire this map expansion.

Fariba only requires 50 crystals to unlock the map outline of a specific area but keep in mind that dying costs you 10 crystals before returning to the last Wak-Wak Tree. If you’re running low on resources, you should be able to easily farm enemies in “Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown” to gather enough crystals.

3. Equip Powerful Amulets

Equip Powerful Amulets

Amulets are core buffs you can acquire by defeating bosses, completing quests, or finding special items in chests throughout Mount Qaf. Each Amulet takes up multiple slots on Sargon’s necklace, allowing you to mix and match them in different ways. The level of customization available in Prince of Persia: TLC is truly impressive.

Once you encounter the Fire Goddess, Sargon can upgrade each Amulet you find in the Kaheva’s Forge. You’ll need a substantial amount of funds to purchase better enhancements to tackle the increasingly challenging quests of the castle.

4. Accept Every Side Quest

Accept Every Side Quest

During your natural exploration in Prince of Persia: TCL, you’ll encounter NPCs offering side quests. It’s highly recommended to add as many quests as possible to your list, as each one provides Time Crystals or Xerxes Coins as rewards. These currencies can purchase new items or upgrades, further enhancing Sargon’s combat abilities throughout your adventure.

5. Searching for the Wak-Wak Trees

Searching for the Wak-Wak Trees

The Wak-Wak trees have become one of the most important landmarks around the castle due to their healing properties. These golden plants can restore your health and any resources you may have spent during your exploration. These areas become visible on your map, similar to hidden spots or flickering rooms in another popular game, “Metroid Dread.”

You can also swap out your Amulets and Athra Surges on the Wak-Wak trees, making them something you should track down first when you reach a new area. The golden leaves on the ground are clues to find the next tree. Follow the air currents blowing through the leaves, and you’ll see a path leading to the warm embrace of the Wak-Wak tree.

6. Preserve Sargon’s Athra

Preserve Sargon's Athra

Athra is the life force that connects all things, and Sargon can harness this energy to perform incredibly powerful actions known as Athra Surges. Releasing an Athra Surge can do many things, from causing damage to enemies to creating a pool to restore your health.

Your Athra increases when you attack enemies or successfully parry their attacks. If you take damage from enemy attacks or obstacles during your exploration, you lose Athra. Be careful not to encounter different environmental hazards as you try to preserve as much Athra as possible during boss battles in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown.

7. Launching Enemies into the Air

Launching Enemies into the Air

One of Sargon’s most important techniques is to knock enemies into the air and follow up with an air combo. You can use a variety of moves to launch enemies, but some moves can only be unlocked after completing main quests.

Sliding and pressing the attack button, inputting Up + Attack simultaneously, or using a Sweeping Motion with Down + Attack are good ways to get enemies off the ground. Any of these moves will leave the enemy suspended in the air, vulnerable to your attacks. In Prince of Persia: TLC, simply jump up and continue landing attacks when your opponent is defenseless to deal massive damage.

8. Learn To Parry Early

Learn To Parry Early

In the early stages of Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, you’ll find that almost all enemy attacks can be parried with Salgorn’s twin swords by pressing L2. However, the difficulty of your adventure determines how tight the window of opportunity is to execute this defensive strategy.

Some enemies will attempt significant attacks surrounded by a yellow aura, but these attacks can be parried. If Salgon counters the yellow attack, a small cinematic will play, dealing significant damage to the enemy. This even works against some bosses, but remember to time your parries correctly to avoid taking more damage than usual.


Overall, for those familiar with action games or fans of Metroidvania-style games, completing Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown’s main storyline may take less than 20 hours. However, fully exploring the map, collecting all items, and completing all side quests without a guide could take over 30 hours.

Being a Ubisoft production, “Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown” naturally delivers in terms of art and music.

This game emanates style from every corner, with each of its vastly unique biomes coming to life with awe-inspiring visuals. From eerie sewers to lush forests, opulent palaces, and icy mountains, each biome is an entirely different world with a distinctive atmosphere.

Bombastic soundtracks set the vibe in each level and rev up during boss battles, while the overall sound design allows you to be fully immersed in the world.

All in all, Ubisoft’s “Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Crown” exceeded my initial expectations!

If you are a fan of the Metroidvania style games or are interested in the “Prince of Persia” game character, “Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown” is definitely one of the games worth playing in 2024!

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