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7 Best Handheld Vacuum Anytime You Like(1)

After countless trials and grappling with bulky canisters, I’ve finally understood the game-changing convenience of the best handheld vacuum. Recollecting the days of lugging around my old, hefty unit up the stairs makes me appreciate my current handheld wonder’s lightweight and agile prowess.

From swiftly vanquishing cereal spills after breakfast to eradicating the ever-present pet hair on the couch, the right handheld vacuum has revolutionized my cleaning routine. All with a simplicity and efficiency I had never known was possible.

Here is my list of the best Handheld vacuums based on the needs of each type of user. Don’t miss it! You’ll love it.

How Do We Pick the Best Handheld Vacuum?

Choosing the best handheld vacuum isn’t just a matter of picking the nearest gadget off the shelf. It’s a process that requires a lot of consideration. In the following guide, we’ll delve into these factors to help you stand out from the crowd and find the ultimate cleaning companion for your home.

● Performance:

Suction strength: cleaning ability on different types of dirt (dust, pet hair, particles, etc.).
Floor adaptability: cleaning effectiveness on various floors (hardwood, carpet, tile, etc.).

● Functions and attachments:

Types of attachments: Whether or not the attachments provided can meet different cleaning needs.
Versatility: whether it can be easily converted into a car vacuum cleaner or used in other special environments.

● Price and value for money:

Cost: whether the vacuum cleaner’s price matches its features and performance.
Value for money: the advantages and disadvantages over competing products in the same price range.

● Battery and charging:

Endurance: the amount of time a vacuum cleaner can continue to work after a full charge.
Charging Speed: The time it takes to go from fully discharged to fully charged.
Battery life: the battery’s overall durability and the replacement cost.

7 Best Handheld Vacuum Anytime You Like

Check out our curated list of the best Handheld vacuums. Each one is made to give you top-notch performance and make it easy to clean up messes whenever you want. They will change the way you clean because they are so good.

Best handheld vacuum for Pet-friendly: Dyson V11 Animal

best handheld vacuums for Pet-friendly:

Customer Ratings by Function

Maneuverability: 4.6

Suction Power: 4.6

Battery life: 4.6

For stairs: 4.6


Surface recommendations: carpet, flooring
Power/ Supply Battery: Powered
Voltage:100240 volts
Item Weight: 6.68 lbs

Are you looking for the best handheld vacuum for pets in your home?

As a cat owner, I’m very careful about keeping my house clean, especially regarding cat hair and other small things that might be lying around. The Dyson V11 Animal is a cordless handheld vacuum designed for pet households, featuring powerful suction and a range of attachments suitable for cleaning up pet hair.

It also has an efficient power system, which is great for picking up cat hair and fine dust particles. If you are allergic to dust, this handheld vacuum can save you! It has hygienic empty bin technology, and you don’t have to touch coarse dust and spoils when you take out the trash.

● Powerful suction, especially good for pet hair cleanup.
● Cordless design, easy to use in all corners of your home.
● Multiple smart functions and attachments make cleaning more efficient and thorough.
● Convenient LCD screen provides real-time information.
● Easy to empty and maintain.

● Relatively high price points may not suit users on a budget.
● While battery life has improved, it is still limited in maximum power mode.
● A heavier body may fatigue some users during extended use.

Best handheld vacuum for Economy: Black+Decker Dustbuster

Best handheld vacuums for Economy:

Customer Ratings by Function

Maneuverability: 4.3

Suction Power: 4.3

Battery life: 4.2

For stairs: 4.1


Surface recommendations: Carpet, Automotive – Upholstery, Hard Floors, Hardwoods
Power/ Supply Battery: Powered
Voltage: 20 volts
Item Weight: 2.4 lbs

Black+Decker is the best handheld vacuum for the economy.
It is a vacuum cleaner brand that offers affordable and consistent performance, and its Dustbuster series is often considered a cost-effective option.
It’s also moderately heavy, so you can easily pick it up for daily cleaning tasks. A convenient handheld vacuum for quick daily cleanups and small stains.

● Lightweight and easy to maneuver for quick cleaning.
● Cordless design increases flexibility of use.
● Relatively affordable for those on a budget.
● Simple to empty dust cups and clean filters for low maintenance.
● Well-known brand name and generally considered reliable and durable.

● Suction power may not be sufficient for heavy cleaning, especially deep carpet cleaning.
● Battery life may be limited, especially with high power usage.
● Attachments may be fewer than high-end vacuum cleaners, limiting applicability to some specific cleaning scenarios.
● Noise levels may be higher than some high-end models.

Best handheld vacuums for the most full-featured: Shark Ion W1 Cordless

Customer Ratings by Function

Maneuverability: 4.6

Suction Power: 4.6

Battery life: 4.3

For stairs: 4.3

Surface recommendations: Carpet, upholstery
Power/ Supply Battery: Powered
Voltage: 22.2 volts
Item Weight: 1.4 lbs

The Shark Ion W1 is a sleekly designed, compact, handheld cordless vacuum cleaner praised for its powerful suction and user-friendly one-touch dust cup emptying feature. It comes with various tools for cleaning cars, furniture, and tight spaces.

● Powerful suction to effectively clean fine particles and pet hair.
● It’s small, light, and movable; you can use it with one hand.
● High-efficiency filtration system to help capture fine dust and allergens.
● Stylish charging base for easy storage and charging.
● One-touch emptying design for convenience.

● Relatively short battery life and may require frequent charging.
● The price may be higher than similar products.
● Dust storage cups have a small capacity and may need to be emptied multiple times for large cleaning areas.

Best handheld vacuum for Design: Dyson V15 Detect

best handheld vacuums for Design: Dyson V15 Detect:

Customer Ratings by Function

Maneuverability: 4.6

Suction Power: 4.5

Battery life: 4.5

For stairs: 4.5


Surface recommendations: All flooring, hard flooring, upholstery
Power/ Supply Battery: Powered
Voltage: 29.4 volts
Item Weight: 6.8 lbs

Known for its innovative design and technology, the V15 Detect Handheld Vacuum Cleaner with Laser Dust Detection is expected to continue to be released by Dyson with its avant-garde design.

The best handheld vacuum is a cutting-edge cordless vacuum cleaner known for its superior suction power, smart dirt detection technology, and accurate laser dust detection. This vacuum cleaner has several smart features, including the ability to adjust suction power automatically and an LCD showing real-time cleaning data.

● Powerful suction for deep cleaning of carpets and hard floors.
● Laser dust detection technology reveals microscopic dust that is hard to see with the naked eye, ensuring a thorough cleaning.
● Multiple smart sensors automatically adjust suction power for improved cleaning efficiency.
● LCD provides real-time cleaning feedback, including the size and number of particles picked up.
● Highly efficient filtration system captures 99.99% of microscopic dust particles.
● It has many tools and extras that can be used for different cleaning tasks.

● Expensive price, which may be out of some users’ budgets.
● Relatively heavy body may cause fatigue during prolonged use.
● Battery life may not be long enough to support a full cleaning of a large home.

Best handheld vacuum for Lightest: Hoover ONEPWR Cordless

Best handheld vacuums for Lightest: Hoover ONEPWR Cordless

Customer Ratings by Function

Maneuverability: 4.7

Suction Power: 4.2

Battery life: 4.1

For stairs: 4.1


Surface recommendations: carpet
Power/ Supply Battery: Powered
Voltage: 20 volts
Item Weight: 3 lbs

Hoover’s ONEPWR range has been praised for its lightweight and convenience, with an updated lightweight model expected in 2024. It features the Hoover ONEPWR battery system, which means its batteries can be used interchangeably with other Hoover products in the same range. It is designed to clean up small messes and hard-to-reach places quickly.

● Interchangeable battery system offers greater flexibility and convenience.
● It’s easy to move and carry because it’s not heavy.
● Ideal for pet owners as it sucks up pet hair effectively.
● Comes with useful accessories such as a crevice tool and brush head for deep cleaning.
● More affordable than many other handheld vacuum cleaners.

● Suction power may not be as powerful as higher-end handheld vacuums.
● Battery life is short and may need to be changed often.
● Noise levels may be higher than some users would like.

Best handheld vacuum for car cleaning: Black+Decker Flexi Auto

best handheld vacuum for car cleaning: Black+Decker Flexi Auto

Customer Ratings by Function

Maneuverability: 4.7

Suction Power: 4.6

Battery life: 4.2

For stairs: 4.1


Surface recommendations: carpet
Power/ Supply Battery: Powered
Voltage: 12 volts
Item Weight: 3.3 lbs

It is a portable vacuum cleaner designed for vehicle cleaning and is popular for its flexible 4-foot hose, powerful suction, and onboard charging capabilities. Because it’s small and has many attachments, it’s easy to clean in tight spots and hard-to-reach areas.

● Long hose design provides excellent flexibility to reach all corners of the car interior easily.
● Strong suction power is suitable for picking up debris and dust inside the car.
● It’s portable and can be charged and used straight from a car’s 12V outlet.
● Comes with various attachments, such as brushes and crevice tools, for added cleaning versatility.
● Reasonably priced compared to other car vacuums.

● Range of use may be limited due to reliance on the vehicle’s 12V outlet.
● Limited dust storage capacity may need to be emptied several times during the cleaning process.
● May be noisy compared to household vacuum cleaners.

Best handheld vacuum for Smart Features: Tineco Pure ONE S12

best handheld vacuum for Smart Features: Tineco Pure ONE S12:

Customer Ratings by Function

Maneuverability: 4.8

Suction Power: 4.6

Battery life: 4.6

For stairs: 4.6


Surface recommendations: Carpet, hard flooring, dual role, upholstery
Power/ Supply Battery: Powered
Voltage: 21.6 volts
Item Weight: 6.4 lbs

Tineco’s Pure ONE S12 features smart sensing technology that automatically adjusts suction power. It is designed for users looking for top cleaning performance and smart features. It’s a strong competitor in the market thanks to its cutting-edge technology and easy-to-use layout.

While price and weight may be a factor for some users to consider, its versatility and long battery life may add great value for those looking for a cordless cleaning solution.

● Smart Sensor Technology automatically adjusts suction power to suit different cleaning needs.
● Two replaceable batteries provide up to 100 minutes of battery life.
● LED multi-tasking motorized brush head helps illuminate the floor while cleaning to ensure no stains are missed.
● App connectivity allows you to track cleaning progress and equipment maintenance.
● Comes with various attachments for multiple cleaning scenarios around the house.

● High prices may not fit all budgets.
● The weight may be heavier than some competitors’ products, making it difficult to use for long periods.
● Despite the long-range, charging time is also relatively long.


When finding the best handheld vacuum, it’s crucial to consider factors like suction power, battery life, versatility, and ease of use.

With the right model, you’ll enjoy the convenience of quick cleanups without compromising on performance.

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