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Does Masturbation Cause Weight Loss

Masturbation has many positive benefits for both mind and body and is no longer seen as taboo. For younger teens, it is normal to masturbate 3–4 times a week, while for those in their 30s and 40s, it may need to drop to 1-2 times a week.

Sex is known to help you burn calories and is considered a form of cardio. But does masturbation cause weight loss?

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Does Masturbation Cause Weight Loss?

After an intense “battle,” your heart rate will be elevated, and you’ll be sweating like you just ran a mile. Unfortunately, while you may feel like you’ve done a lot, the energy expenditure may not be as intense as it feels. 

In other words, masturbation can help you burn some calories, but not as many as when you’re having sex with a partner or working out on a treadmill or with weights-and masturbation alone will struggle to help you lose weight without other exercise or dietary changes.

If you want to burn more calories during masturbation, move your fingers or hands more quickly. You can also try different positions or use sex toys. For example, if you involve your hips and move your abdomen up and down during masturbation, you may add some muscular endurance and extra heartburn.

When blood flow to the clitoris or penis increases, you’re more likely to experience more intense orgasms, helping you burn more calories. Mutual masturbation is likely to increase your heart rate, which leads to burning more calories.

According to various beliefs, masturbation can lead to insanity, infertility, hairy palms, or blindness. But none of these beliefs are true.

Why People Think Masturbation Cause Weight Loss?

does masturbation cause weight loss

We may masturbate for a variety of reasons, including stress relief, pleasure, to explore our bodies, or even to help them sleep. So why is there a claim that masturbation helps lose weight? There are three main reasons:


A common belief is that masturbation can lead to reduced pounds by boosting your metabolism.

It is commonly believed that the physical exertion involved in sexual activity burns calories and helps reduce weight. But in fact, the calories burned during masturbation are relatively low. The energy expenditure is similar to light physical activity such as walking.

Therefore, masturbation alone is unlikely to lead to significant weight loss.

Hormonal Effects

Some claim that masturbation can help increase testosterone levels, which increases muscle mass and, therefore, metabolism.

However, there is not enough scientific data to support this claim. While masturbation may temporarily increase testosterone levels, this effect is minimal and is unlikely to have a significant impact on body weight.

Psychological and Emotional Factors

Weight management is a complex process that is influenced by a number of factors, including mental and emotional health.

Masturbation helps relieve stress and relaxation, which indirectly affects weight management. Masturbation can relieve stress and prevent emotional eating or the use of other harmful coping skills.

However, it’s worth noting that masturbation itself is not a magical way to lose weight but should be considered part of a healthy lifestyle.

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Are There Any Benefits to Masturbation?

Is masturbation really a healthy practice? That’s for sure.

As mentioned earlier, masturbation is not bad. In fact, it may be good for your health. It allows you to relax mentally and physically.

  1. Stress relief. Masturbation releases endorphins, a natural analgesic and pleasure hormone that helps reduce stress and anxiety.
  2. Improved sleep. After orgasm, you usually feel relaxed, which helps to improve the quality of sleep.
  3. Enhanced sexual function. Masturbation can help individuals to better understand their bodies and sexual preferences, which can lead to increased sexual satisfaction in a sexual partnership.
  4. Menstrual pain relief. For some women, masturbation can relieve menstrual pain because orgasm can cause the uterus to contract, thereby releasing the pain.
  5. Prostate health. Some studies suggest that frequent ejaculation (including ejaculation from masturbation) may be associated with a reduced risk of certain prostate problems.
  6. Immune system boost. Some studies have shown that sexual activity, including masturbation, can improve the body’s immune function.
  7. Private exploration. Masturbation provides a private and risk-free environment for individuals to explore their sexual desires and fantasies.
  8. No risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Masturbation is a sexual activity that does not involve a sexual partner, so there is no risk of STIs.
  9. Self-examination for reproductive health. Masturbation can be an opportunity to examine one’s reproductive organs (e.g., testicles and breasts) for possible abnormalities.

How to Jerk off for a Better Feeling of Masturbation?

Does masturbation cause weight loss? You have got my answer now! Then, I want to ask you one other question: how to jerk off?

Do you know with the right positions and strategies, you can have a more exciting and satisfying masturbation experience? To help you feel more satisfied, remember and try these 6 tips:

1. Change your gesture.

You may have been masturbating in the same position for years, so try changing it. Changing your position improves the resting state of the pelvic floor muscles, which in turn helps to improve blood flow to the penis.

Therefore, changing your masturbation position will not only provide a sense of novelty but may also increase the strength of your erection.

2. Post-workout masturbation.

Do you feel very horny after a workout? That’s because you release hormones, including adrenaline and dopamine, during a workout.

Post-workout masturbation is great because your endorphins are quite high, blood flow is high, and your pelvic floor muscles are completely relaxed.

3. Stimulate the pubic area (perineum)

how to jerk off stimulate the pubic area (perineum)

The perineum is the area between the penis and the anus. It’s full of nerve endings and is very sensitive, so some vibration to it usually feels very good.

Try pressing a vibrating sex toy against the perineum while stroking the penis with your other hand. This is sure to bring on a special orgasmic experience!

4. Incorporate anal play.

There are tons of nerve endings all over the buttocks, and stimulating them will feel great and really turn you on even more.

5. Put a corkscrew ring.

A corkscrew ring is a band that goes around the root of the penis (and sometimes the testicles), restricting blood flow into the penis, which enhances erections.

In addition to stronger erections, some people are also said to have stronger orgasms from the penis ring.

how to jerk off put a corkscrew ring

6. Try edging.

In most cases, five minutes of rapid acceleration is enough. If you have a little extra time, “edging,”-also known as the stop-and-start method, helps you reach a more intense orgasm.

Allow yourself to work until you’re on the verge of ejaculation, then take a short break – just enough time for the erection to soften slightly. Then, start the process all over again. Do this three to four times, and you’ll experience a deeper, more powerful ejaculation.

Notice: How to jerk off for a better feeling of masturbation? Using a lubricant not only reduces friction-induced bruising and desensitization but also increases the intensity of orgasm. And please begin your self-pleasure by conscious breathing.

Take Away Notes

Does masturbation cause weight loss? The accurate answer is not the so-called ideal. Masturbation, in moderation, brings pleasure and reduces stress, contributing to physical and mental relaxation. And combined with effective masturbation methods, it can be a surprisingly rewarding experience!

But the ideal way to lose weight is to eat less processed foods, drink more green tea, and take probiotics, which are just a few of the natural ways to promote pounds reduction. Establishing exercise or sleep habits can also help.

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