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Purple SuperHeroes in DC and Marvel Comics

Each superhero has its specific color. Many of the Marvel and DC Comics superheroes are associated with purple. Some have purple skin, and some wear purple clothing. Purple can symbolize wealth and royalty, such as Ozymandias’ gold and purple suit. Purple is associated with religion, such as the Huntress’ costume symbolizing bishoprics.

Today’s article examines the wonderful super hero purple from Marvel and DC Comics.

Begin scrolling and find out if there is a favorite one!

Super Hero Purple in DC Comics

1. Batgirl

The first Batgirl was Betty Kane, a creation of DC Comics. In later years, Barbara Gordon evolved into the familiar current Batgirl.

Super Hero Purple Batgirl

As the daughter of a GCPD commissioner, Barbara was always opposed to crime, which led her to turn to Batman, who made criminals fearful.

The teenager immediately recognized her hero, who critics have hailed as one of the most complex characters ever.

While attending college, Barbara’s outstanding martial arts skills caught Batman’s attention. After a long argument with Nightwing, the Bat finally accepted her as a member of the Bat family.

As for her relationships, she has quite a few with Bat family members, including Dick Grayson and Bruce Wayne.

Our teenage Bat-hero is portrayed as a do-gooder in the comics. But her character changes dramatically at the end of the Batman: The Killing Joke storyline.

2. Huntress

The comics contain three versions of the Huntress: Paula Brooks, Helena Wayne, and Helena Bertinelli.

Super Hero Purple Huntress

Paula Brooks plays the Huntress from the Golden Age of comics, where she was portrayed as a villain. Later, the creators removed her title of Hunterress and renamed her “Tigress.”

Now, Helena Wayne debuted as another forgotten version of the Huntress.

Helena is the daughter of Selina and Bruce. After the Crisis on Infinite Earths events, a second version of the Huntress’ existence was erased from everyone’s memory in the comics.

But the latest updated version is Helena Bertinelli.

Helena was born in Italy to a criminal family. But after the death of her parents, she became a vigilante. Even though Huntress is a superhero, she has no special abilities. She has impressive skills in martial arts and shooting. Moreover, she has experience in using various weapons.

3. Catwoman

Catwoman’s comic book career is as long as that of her love interest, Batman.

As you can see, her debut in DC Comics was the first issue of Cape Crusade. If you don’t already know, Catwoman appeared as a rival to the world’s greatest detective.

Super Hero Purple Catwoman

In modern comics, she wears a black suit, but her first appearance happened to be in a purple suit. In the Golden Age, Catwoman wore a cloak over her business attire. Now, this has disappeared, as you can assume that thieves like her had some problems using the cape while escaping.

Even her comic book origins have been changed several times, and it’s a little-known fact that Selina is referred to as “Cat” in the first issue.

Our dear Cat has had an on-again, off-again relationship with Bruce Wayne. Despite being Gotham City’s anti-hero, our deadly Catwoman always tries to help Batman unconditionally.

Many comic book readers consider her a bisexual character, as she had a brief relationship with Poison Ivy Girl.

4. Starfire

If you’re post-90s, you’ve probably watched the Teen Titans series on the Cartoon Channel and are probably fans of the purple suit Starfire.

Super Hero Purple Starfire

Starfire’s origin takes the reader back to her life as a princess of the alien planet Tamaran, which has now been destroyed. After renouncing her title as Princess Coriander of Tamaran, Starfire moved to Earth and became a member of the Teen Titans.

She was always there to sympathize with the Teen Titans’ troubled newcomers. She isn’t only a member of the Teen Titans; she’s also on the Outsiders, in the Justice League, with the Rebels, and in Jason Todd’s gang of outlaws.

It’s another matter that Princess Coriander has had a strained relationship with her older sister, Commander (a.k.a. Blackfire), throughout her superhero career due to sibling rivalry.

She dated Dick Grayson, an original member of the Teen Titans, for a significant portion of her time spent with the team.

5. Machine Man

Robot is the sole survivor of the government program X-51. His creator, Dr. Abel Stark, raised him as a son. Growing up, he became a member of the West Coast Avengers, but Sentinel technology corrupted him and made him loathe humans.

Super Hero Purple Machine Man

The Purple Bionic Man has always faced problems integrating into human society. Humans don’t accept him as a sentient robot, and he spends most of his time running from the government.

Meanwhile, the robot makes friends such as Peter Spaulding and Gears Garvin. To learn more about the human psyche, he gets a job as a camouflage for an insurance company, and Pam Quinn later becomes his love interest.

6. Parasite

Several DC Comics supervillains share the moniker “Parasite” in American comic books. Every incarnation of the hero can momentarily take on the vitality, abilities, and knowledge of others around them.

Super Hero Purple Parasite

The most common Parasite is Rudy Jones, Superman’s main antagonist who belongs to the collective of enemies that make up his Thieves’ Gallery. In 2009, IGN ranked Parasite as the 61st greatest villain in comic book history.

Rudy Jones can absorb the life energy of other creatures, leaving behind withered corpses. He can also absorb almost any other form of energy and use it. The Parasite can even absorb the DNA of people he touches and physically resemble them.

Super Hero Purple in Marvel Comics

1. Thanos

Super Hero Purple Thanos

Yes, the Mad Titan is a supervillain, not a superhero, but I couldn’t list the best purple comic books without including the most famous purple-skinned creatures in comics. Also, the Exterminator teams up with many good guys and has acted like a hero once or twice.

The Exterminator is an immortal from a Titan moon, born with an abnormal syndrome and thus born with purple-as-leather skin and a massive body, with strength and other physical abilities that far exceed those of the other Titans.

2. The Hulk

Super Hero Purple The Hulk

Regarding color, The Hulk Hulk is one of the most colorful mentions on our list. In addition to his green skin, the superhero also wears a pair of purple pants.

Surprisingly, he has tons of these outfits. So why does Hulk Hulk have extra purple pants? According to the writers, Bruce Banner sold all his clothes but stocked on purple ones. He chose these colors because they look stylish.

3. Medusa

Super Hero Purple Medusa

In Marvel Comics, Medusa is a member of the Inhumans. Sometimes, she joins the Fantastic Four as a replacement for Sue Richards.

In different storylines, her costume includes various shades of purple. Therefore, we decided to add her to our list of purple-costumed superheroes.

Medusa can elongate her super-strong hair to lift heavy objects. Additionally, she can increase its length or use it as a dangerous whip. In addition to having these abilities, she is also a master thief.

4. Psylocke

Elizabeth “Betsy” Braddock, a.k.a. Spirit Butterfly, is an Omega-class mutant, which means she possesses one of the most powerful genetic potentials of any mutant ability.

Super Hero Purple Psylocke

In her case, her powers are telekinesis, which includes telepathy, astral projection, telekinesis, energy projection, psionics, and more.

Becky is a stable member of the X-Men team and the sister of Captain Brian Braddock of the United Kingdom. She is fearless and fierce in battle, always putting the team first. That’s why Spirit Butterfly is on this list.

Oh, her energy is purple, and she tends to wear purple.

5. Hawkeye

Super Hero Purple Hawkeye

Even though Hawkeye doesn’t have superpowers, he’s still an important member of the Avengers. It comes down to his impressive mastery of archery and marksmanship. Most importantly, he’s one of the best acrobats on the team.

When Hawkeye is on a mission, he wears a purple costume. To make the appearance even cooler, the top part of the costume has a symbol of the same color. As a result, Hawkeye appears on our list of superheroes wearing purple costumes.

Earlier versions of the costume also had purple colors. But the designers added some blue details to the costume.

6. Gambit

Super Hero Purple Gambit

By joining the X-Men, Gambit could leave behind his criminal background.

Despite Gambit’s repeated disapproval of the X-Men’s way of doing things, he fits in well with the team and even develops a romance with Rogue.

Our hero can convert the static energy of inanimate objects into kinetic energy. He can transform the static energy of an inanimate object into kinetic energy, which can have explosive effects on that object.

In other words, he can turn anything into a bomb. Even the entire planet if he wanted to!

Gambit usually wears a jacket but always wears a purple shirt underneath, perfectly matching his red eyes on a black background.

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These are the 12 purple superheroes. Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments! You can also find the information on the blue and green anime characters in previous posts. Feel free to contact us if there is anything else you would like to know!


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