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what episode does Luffy use Gear 5

Gear 5 was a huge hit even before it aired. Manga fans have been raving about Luffy’s Gear 5. Even anime fans have started reading about Luffy’s Gear 5 technology and the episodes adapting it to find out all about it.

We have the answer if you’re wondering what episode does Luffy use Gear 5. This powerful character, Luffy, has become very powerful with Gear 5!

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When Did Luffy Get His Previous Gears?

Luffy gains Gear Second (Gear 2) power in episode 272 of the anime series. It is titled “Luffy is in Sight! Gather at the Courthouse Plaza“. It is the third episode of the ninth season of One Piece anime, which premiered on July 23, 2006. 

Luffy first gains Gear 3 power in episode 288 of the anime series. The title is “Fukurou’s Miscalculation! My Cola is the Water of Life!“. It is the seventh episode of the ninth season of One Piece anime, which premiered on December 3, 2006. 

Luffy’s first use of his Gear 4 power occurs in episode 726 of the anime series. The title of the episode is “Gear 4! The Phenomenal Boundman!” It is the 25th episode of the 17th season of One Piece anime, which premiered on January 17, 2016.

When Did Luffy Gear 5 Be Animated?

Luffy Gear 5 will be animated in episode 1071 of the “One Piece” anime. The anime airs on July 23, 2023, and Japanese viewers will be the first fans to see Gear 5. The first fans to see Gears 5 will be Japanese viewers. After that, the anime will be aired in other countries. It will be accessible via Crunchyroll and other streaming services.

Luffy Gear 5 may appear in multiple episodes as his battle with Kaido runs through multiple anime chapters. Since he has unlocked a specific level of power, he will also use it multiple times in the future.

What Episode Does Luffy Use Gear 5?

What Episode Does Luffy Use Gear 5?

The Fifth Gear is Luffy’s newest piece of equipment, and he uses it in the One Piece manga The Liberated Warrior, Volume 103, Episode 1044. The chapter is 17 pages long and was first published on March 28, 2022. 

It belongs to the Wakanokuni storyline and focuses on the battle that Luffy and his allies waged to drive Kaido out of Onigashima. The battle is intense, and Luffy can only fight for his life. However, after gaining the Gear 5 ability, he is revitalized and boldly declares that he can continue fighting for much longer.

Gear 5 is the culmination of Luffy’s year-long evolution and the pinnacle of his current power and abilities. With it, Luffy becomes exceptionally powerful and invincible. He cannot take any damage in this form, as seen in his battle with Kaido.

What’s Changed in Luffy Gear 5?

Luffy’s Gear 5 power gives him a new set of amazing abilities. And it also refines the abilities he already has.

  1. Gear 5 grants Luffy greater strength, speed, and stamina. This means he can effortlessly go head-to-head with any opponent. It also makes it easier for him to take on powerful foes like Robo Lucci and Kaido.
  2. Gear 5 also speeds up Luffy’s physical recovery, even if he’s severely injured and unconscious. This ability is very useful in duels. Using his Gear 5 power, Luffy can spin his legs so fast that he can run fast enough to create flames in his wake.
  3. The Gear 5 rank also enhances Luffy’s ability to utilize the rubbery properties of his body. He can amplify his limbs and muscles. So much so that he can easily grab and throw the giant dragon Kaido.
  4. Luffy’s 5th gear ability also allows him to fire energy blasts and blow up several opponents simultaneously. This is proven when he is surrounded by dozens of beasts and pirates loyal to Kaido. In his fifth gear form, Luffy can also expand and stretch his entire body simultaneously, something he was previously unable to obtain.

The abilities that Gear 5 gives Luffy are obviously unbelievable. But it also has some drawbacks. Using it requires a lot of energy. As a result, once the user is done using it, they become very weak. As we can see, Luffy looks like he’s gotten a little older after using Gear 5, which is unfortunate. On the other hand, it is also possible for the user’s mind to be controlled by the animal that is the source of its power.

At this point, Luffy also shows a new form known as the Sun God Nika. This form comes from the legendary Sun God Nica, which gave Luffy the power of Gear 5. Nica is also known as the Liberation Warrior. He is known to spread happiness wherever he goes.

The Last Thoughts

What episode does Luffy use Gear 5?—In the “One Piece” manga “Warrior of Liberation,” Volume 103, Episode 1044. After learning about the great power of the fifth gear, Luffy, everyone must be more excited about this new manga! Do you all think Gear 6 will make an appearance? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

In a word, Luffy’s Gear 5 has already created such a huge buzz. Let’s all get ready for the return of the new, powerful Luffy!


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