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sexy cat girl

We know you love cute cats. We know you like attractive women. Combine the two, and you get a sexy cat girl.

There’s nothing cuter than these cat girls living like cats and making friends with humans!

So, without further delay, let’s look at these beautiful, cute, and sexy cat girls and see what makes them so beautiful.

Sexy Cat Girl from Cat Planet Cuties

1. Eris

Sexy Cat Girl Eris

Eris is a sexy cat lady, but most importantly, she is an alien who came to Earth to learn more about the people of Earth. She meets a young boy at a memorial service, and the next thing you know, she’s naked in his bed.

Despite being an ambassador, she’s fairly carefree, and her orange hair and prominent cat ears reflect her personality. She also has a sexy bell around her neck, like the cherry on top.

She’s one of those catgirl characters that you can’t take your eyes off when she appears on screen, and of course, I’m referring to the bell necklace around her neck.

To summarize, she’s the best, hottest, and sexiest catgirl ambassador on this list!

2. Melwin

Planet Cat is filled with the sexiest cat girls. Melwyn is a timid cat girl with short, bright blue hair, a cute Bob, and matching blue cat ears and tail.

She used to be the ship’s second mate until the Catgirls were in crisis, and she was forced to take over command as first mate. She usually wears hot and sexy spaceship outfits, and she’s one of the hottest anime girls around when she’s in her bathing suit.

As far as personalities go, she’s quieter than her outgoing friends.

Sexy Cat Girl Melwin

3. Kuune

Sexy Cat Girl Kuune

Even though I own several gorgeous and seductive Cat Planet Cuties dolls, this anime is my absolute favorite.

Kuune is the ship’s leader and captain, and she’s so pure and lovely that I fell in love with her at first sight when they arrived on Earth. She’s a highly intelligent multitasker who can quickly construct complex object projects in her head. She uses a neckbell necklace as a high-ranking officer to gain superhuman strength.

She has purple hair, eyes, and a chest rivaling a national treasure! Her job includes making friends with Earth’s leaders and building strong relationships. According to fans, Kune is often the most popular character in Cat Planet Cuties due to her amazing body.

Felicia Darkstalkers

Unique among anime protagonists, Felicia is a pivotal player in Marvel vs. Capcom 2. Wow, Felicia from the anime is one vibrant, upbeat kitty who enjoys performing and helping people.

The orphanage Felicity House she founded was a testament to the goodness of her soul.

sexy cat girl Felicia --- Darkstalkers

MilliannaFairy Tail

sexy cat girl Millianna --- Fairy Tail

Are you tired of cat girls with powerful magic?

What sets Millianna apart is her ability to be happy all the time. Her Western clothing shows that she has a very graceful figure.

Trimming her hair and wearing cat jewelry make her look very cat-like.

Sexy Cat Girl from Shining

1. Rin Shaomei

All hell breaks loose when Rin transforms into her sexy catgirl form. She is a kind-hearted antique dealer, and Rin Shaomei is also a monster thief. A decent person at heart, the “black cat” steals from the rich to give to the poor.

In her black cat form, Rin dresses as a hot and short maid. Her ears, hair, and tail are all black. But don’t worry, this sexy kitten will bring good luck. She has a strange habit of wearing one stocking, but I guess Rin looks cute in anything!

sexy cat girl Rin Shaomei --- Shining

2. Mao

sexy cat girl Mao --- Shining

Mao from the anime Otherworld is the half-beast princess of the continent of Bestia. However, she is the illegitimate child of the Beast King and human dancer Ayane.

She has sexy cream-colored skin, a voluptuous figure, and short reddish-brown hair. The sexy catgirl features of cat ears and fangs indicate that she has royal blood.


Coconut is quite a sexy cat girl if sexy looks are anything to go by; always wearing sexy, revealing clothes. Her skin is tanned, her hair is gray, and her cat ears look pointed. This contrast reflects Coconut’s sexy appearance, hence her name!

She also has interesting eye colors, one of which is golden while the other is navy blue. This condition is called heterochromia, where the two eyes are different colors and is common among cats.

Despite Coconut’s tomboyish personality, she is often more emotional than her companions!

sexy cat girl Coconut

Aisha Clan-Clan — Outlaw Star

sexy cat girl Aisha Clan-Clan --- Outlaw Star

While Japan likes to milk all genres until there’s nothing left to milk, there was a time when we found some sexy cat girls in space. Aisha ensures she doesn’t suffer from SIDS; she’s a blonde aristocrat from the “Ctarl-Ctarl” empire. She is the adventurous type, and danger is her middle name.

She is very smart and one of the family’s best fighters. Aisha has earned top honors in her family and has traveled to space to capture outlaws and space pirates!

Shizuka Nekonome — Rosario + Vampire

Another sexy high school cat lady teacher and advisor to the newspaper. Shizuku often shows her awkward and cute side in front of her students. Despite her objections, she often exposes her monster form.

Catgirl Teacher is one of the few teachers who cares about her students, which is why I love her so much. She will always work to ensure that humans and demons may coexist peacefully.

She meows like a cat whenever she eats raw fish, which is one of the sexiest things about her. Not the sushi variety; she has a passion for goldfish.

sexy cat girl Shizuka Nekonome --- Rosario + Vampire

Black Hanekawa — Bakemonogatari

sexy cat girl Black Hanekawa --- Bakemonogatari

Hanekawa’s look is hateful, shameless, and playful in a sexy way. She doesn’t wear many clothes and spends most of her time in hot pants.

As for her other physical features, she retains Hanekawa’s long hair, ample breasts, and curvy body. Zovarineko’s possession eventually changed her dark silver hair, her eyes turned gold, and she grew a pair of cat ears. Not to mention, her skin became pale.

Tamaki Kotatsu — Fire Force

Do I have to issue a spoiler warning, clear? Well, now we can discuss the sexiest douchebag of them all, the amazing Tamaki.

She is a third-generation cat with the same name as the Japanese mythological cat demon with two tails. When triggered, she possesses two flame tails in the shape of a cat’s body.

Tamaki has almost no cat gestures or behaviors, unlike other anime cat girls. But she’s a sexy catgirl superhero.

sexy cat girl Tamaki Kotatsu --- Fire Force

Sexy Cat Girl in High School DxD

1. Shirone

sexy cat girl Shirone --- High School DxD

I have two catgirls, one with white hair and golden eyes from the notorious High School DxD. Even though Shirone looks fragile, she has immense power.

She comes from a rare breed and can switch between different forms. In her Catwoman transformation, she grows white cat ears, matching whitetails, and more prominent eyes.

While she may be too sexy for her good, she panics whenever her fiancée tries to do anything kinky. Despite this, she is still deeply in love with him.

2. Koneko Toujou

Koneko’s father is human, her mother is a cat, and she is a rare cat girl known as “Nekoshou.” She was traumatized when she saw her sister lose her cat powers, which made her more strict and stern.

Kitten likes to play up her feline good looks by donning exposing and concealing outfits. She transforms into her White Voice persona, a catgirl with white hair and golden eyes, complete with two ears and a tail.

Koneko Toujou --- High School DxD

Natsuki Sasahara — Hyper Police

sexy cat girl Natsuki Sasahara --- Hyper Police

Natsuki is a clumsy catgirl warrior. She can generate electric shocks, so don’t get too close to her, or you might get burned!

With two prominent black cat ears and a tail, she’s the perfect sexy catgirl who gets distracted by the leash and constantly grooms herself. She even drinks a favorite catnip drink that has a fake alcohol effect on her.

Blair — Soul Eater

Blair is a young charmer who has been mistaken for a witch. But in fact, she is a cat witch.

What people love most about her is her strong compassion and humanity for others. When she transforms into a human, her body becomes tall and curvy. She also has light purple hair.

sexy cat girl Blair --- Soul eater

Yoriko Sagisawa — Da Capo

sexy cat girl Yoriko Sagisawa --- Da Capo

Yoriko is a supernatural cat that can assume a person’s appearance with feline ears.

She runs away from her owner, Misaki, by leaping out of a window. It would be a pleasant surprise for the cat’s owner if she came back.

After her transformation, Iko has brown hair and green eyes contrasting her pale skin.


So, now that you’ve gotten to know the cute anime cat girls that used to make us blush, it’s time to tell us what you think. Which of these amazing girls is your favorite? Kaneko Toshiro because of her long white hair? Or Kune from Cat Planet Cuties because of her mature body? Either way, let us know what you think by commenting below.

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