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Black Myth Wukong

The action-adventure game “Black Myth Wukong,” made by the Chinese independent company Game Science, is in the works. This game’s main character is Sun Wukong, known as the famous Monkey King. It is based on the classic Chinese book “Journey to the West.”

Introduction to the Black Myth Wukong

Introduction to the Black Myth Wukong

“Black Myth: Wukong” is based on the famous Chinese book “Journey to the West.” It tells the story of Sun Wukong, known as the legendary Monkey King. The game is set in a world of Chinese myth.
Players go on an epic trip through amazing places full of magical animals, gods, and monsters.
In fierce fights, players use Sun Wukong’s strength, speed, and special abilities. The game will be played with a mix of martial arts, changing forms, and special skills that will let players hit enemies in powerful ways
“Black Myth: Wukong” might be about more than just fights. As players move through different settings based on Chinese landscapes and stories, they may also be able to explore and solve problems.
The game’s world is meant to be beautiful and real, from peaceful temples and green woods to dangerous mountains and creepy underworlds.

Black Myth Wukong’s Inspiration

Black Myth Wukong’s Inspiration

● “Black Myth: Wukong” is mostly based on the famous Chinese book “Journey to the West,” which is also known in English as “Monkey.”
This famous book is said to have been written by Wu Cheng’en in the 1600s. The novel follows the Monkey King, Sun Wukong, and his companions as they search for ancient Buddhist texts.
● The book changed China’s writing, art, and popular culture in a big way. It has been made into movies, TV shows, and computer games, among other things.
Sun Wukong, the lead character in “Journey to the West,” is a well-known figure in Chinese legend. He is known for being bad, having great skills, and using his famous sign, the Ruyi Jingu Bang (Golden Cudgel).
● The game’s creators at Game Science have talked about how much they like “Journey to the West” and how much they want to capture the spirit of this classic Chinese book.
They want to bring Sun Wukong’s famous story to life for a new group of players through new ways to play, beautiful graphics, and an engaging world.

Black Myth Wukong Release Date

Black Myth: Wukong’s release date has been set for the summer of 2024.
The official Black Myth: Wukong account on the Chinese social media platform Weibo released a stop-motion short announcing the game’s release date.


Currently known languages supported by Black Myth Wukong are:
● Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese
● English
● French
● German
● Spanish – Spain
● Japanese
● Korean
● Polish
● Portuguese – Brazil
● Russian
Tips: There are only English and Chinese audios.

Where to Play?

Currently, the platforms that support Black Myth Wukong are as follows:
● Steam
● Epic
● PS5
● PS4
● Xbox
But the game hasn’t come out yet, so platforms may change, add, or take away.


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