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List of 13 Sexy Korean Movies of 2024

There’s something irresistible about Korean movies, especially when they get sexual and sexy. The lights go down, and the screen flickers to life.
I’ve curated a list of 13 sexy Korean movies that have set hearts racing and pulses soaring this year.

Note that only adults over 18 can watch.

Sexy Korean Movies: Marriage Is a Crazy Thing


1h 43m

Kam Woo-Seong
Uhm Junghwa
Park Won-sang


Joon-Young (Kam Woo-Sung) goes on a blind date after serving as the best man at a friend’s wedding. Joon-Young is happy being single. He meets Yeon-Hee (Uhm Jung-Hwa), a lighting designer. Yeon-Hee is searching for the right guy to marry. Unfortunately, Joon-Young doesn’t fit her criteria.
Nevertheless, they are both attracted to each other. After talking frankly and drinking, the couple go to a motel room. Can their relationship last?

Happy End

Korean Sexy Movie:Happy End


1h 40m

Choi Min-Sik
Jeon Do-Yeon
Ju Jin-mo


After working as a banker for six years, Min-ki is fired. He always feels uneasy but enjoys his new, less stressful life because his wife, Bo-ra, has a successful job. Caring for their baby girl, doing chores around the house, and reading alone at the park are all good things for Min-ki. At the same time, Bo-ra is having an affair with Il-bum, her college lover, whom she lost touch with when he joined the military. She loves her family and wants to keep them together, but Il-bum’s love and the sweet memories of her childhood move her. Soon, Min-ki finds their intimate relationship, which brings about much pain and confusion among the…..

A Frozen Flower

Korean Sexy Movie: A Frozen Flower


2h 13m

Zo In-sung
Ju Jin-mo
Song Ji-Hyo


Set in Korea during the Yuan Dynasty, the King of Goryeo (Joo Jin Mo) has a penchant for young male bodyguards. He lives a blissful ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ existence, sharing his bed with handsome Chief Guard Hong Lim (Jo In Sung), a loyal lover the King raised from childhood. Their idyllic life ends when the King, unwilling to consummate with his Queen (Song Ji Hyo), is pressured to produce an heir or consign the throne to his cousin.

Choosing duty over love, the King orders Hong Lim to impregnate the Queen. An initially awkward and despicable act of loyalty leads to a passionate (and sensuously filmed) affair between the Queen and Hong Lim. Honor becomes betrayal, as the King/Queen/Servant love triangle is juxtaposed against the country’s political turmoil.

A Good Lawyer’s Wife

Korean Sexy Movie: A Good Lawyer's Wife


1h 44m

Moon So-ri
Hwang Jung-min
Youn Yuh-jung


A family discovers one day that they’ve gotten caught in a web of lying. A sixty-year-old grandmother finally finds meaning when she has an affair with the boy she loved in elementary school. But the daughter-in-law doesn’t criticize her mother-in-law when she admits to “folly.”

Instead, she quietly cheers her on. The husband talks about himself as a great citizen-attorney. Still, he’s a natural playboy who spends all his time and energy chasing women, even though he loves and cares for his family. At the same time, the wife looks at her husband’s deception with disgust instead of pain. Ultimately, she also chooses to make small changes in her life.

Seducing Mr. Perfect

Korean Sexy Movie: Seducing Mr. Perfect


1h 47m

Uhm Junghwa
Daniel Henney
Holly Karrol Clark


Min-Joon firmly believes in true love and gives her all to the men she meets, but it hurts every time they break up. She’s going through the worst pain ever today—being dumped on her birthday!

When it comes to love, Min-Joon, the sure of herself expert, can be lost. She hits an exotic foreign car while her mind is off this bad news. A very good-looking young guy gets angry and gets out of the car. To escape the situation, she acts like she doesn’t understand English. But when she gets to work, she discovers that Robin, the stranger, is her new boss.

Purpose of Reunion

Korean Sexy Movie: Purpose of Reunion


1h 41m

Song Chang-Hyeon
Kim Eun-bi
Choi Go-eun


Dongchul runs a small bar and is always excited about getting together with old classmates. Yujin arrives at his bar one day, even though he has never been to a gathering.

She is different from married women because she looks like a baby and is full of life. All the men fall in love with her, especially Dongchul. Their relationship starts strong but ends quickly when Dongchul’s wife shows up. Will they be able to let their love grow as they learn each other’s secrets?

Purpose of Reunion 2

Korean Sexy Movie: Purpose of Reunion 2


1h 32m

Yoon Se-na
Ji-Eun Seo


I work as a teacher! You are also a student! When Daebeom was in school, the first girl he fell in love with was a TA. He boldly hit on her, but she ignored him and treated him like a child. When he was younger, Daebeom always wanted to see her again. One day, he heard that she was going to this alumni gathering. Daebeom plans to flirt with her at the gathering. I need to sleep with her!

Purpose of Reunion 3

Korean Sexy Movie: Purpose of Reunion 3



Ji Eun-seo
Lee Min-wook
Baek Se-ri
Jeon Beom-joon


In an alumni reunion held after a long time, Sung-hyeon reunites with her first love, Jin-hye. In a good mood, Sung-hyun tries to spend a hot night with her but fails. When Sung-Hyeon rides a taxi wistfully to go back home, he wakes up and realizes that he is returning on the morning of the alumni reunion.

Bad Class

Korean Sexy Movie:  Bad Class


1h 46m

Son Ji Wan
Yoon Seol Hee
Lee Chae Dam


Ji Eun doesn’t like men because of bad events with her father, but her mom, Hyeon Ah, talks her into taking art lessons from a student. And Jeong Woo is shocked at how cold she is toward him.

But there’s tension between them, too. At the same time, Hyeon Ah calls Jeong Woo because she thinks something bad might happen between them. He suggests something, but Hyeon Ah tells him he loves her instead. They have become involved in a bad relationship, so Ji Eun plans to surprise her mom.

Son’s Girlfriend, Daddy’s Girlfriend

Korean Sexy Movie: Son's Girlfriend, Daddy's Girlfriend


1h 15m

Yoo Jung
Lee Chae-dam
Si Woo


Dong-gook, thinking of remarrying, introduces his stepmother, Kyeong-sook, to his son, Jin-Yeong. At the family gathering, Jin-yeong is surprised to see his stepmother’s younger brother, Hyeon-sook, who was on his one-night stand recently.

Friend’s Mothers

Korean Sexy Movie: Friend's Mothers


1h 14m

Baek Yoon-Jae
Jo Wan-jin
Yoon Joo-I


The hero’s best friend is very interested in Bitcoin but also invites the hero to invest in their own. But loses a lot of money but is still unconvinced and does not dare to go home. Can only borrow in the hero’s home, the hero every day with his girlfriend out of the wave, the best friend naturally has the opportunity to get along with the hero’s mother, the original loss of a lot of money his best friend, the blessing of a blessing, but got the hero’s mother’s favor, and take the initiative to go to bed with him, and this kind of good thing!

It seems that this good thing does not stop; the next-door neighbor also called my friend to help “change the light bulb.”…

Female Hostel 3

Korean Sexy Movie: Female Hostel 3


1h 10m

Kim In Ae
Soo Young


Boarding house women who are lonely! Men who go in there will never come out alive! Seon-mi and Joo-hee, who live in Hyeon-Jeong’s boarding house, have a rule that boyfriends can visit but not sleep together.

When Joo-hee’s boyfriend, Jeong-sik, comes over one day, they secretly spend the night together. Before dawn the next day, Jeong-sik tries to sneak off but is caught by Hyeon-jeong. She tells him he broke the rules and needs to be punished, so she has sex with him…

Bosomy Mom 2

Korean Sexy Movie: Bosomy Mom 2


1h 9m

Yoo Jung
Han Yi-Seul


Min-soo and Jae-hook are in a good father-and-son relationship. But one day, Min-soo brings Jae-hyeok’s young stepmother, Da-hee. Jae-hook leaves home to wander around, runs into Da-hee’s friend, Na-Yeon, and has a little talk. Na-yeon calls Da-hee – Da-hee goes home with Jae-hook, and Min-soo doesn’t care much.

Jae-hyeok tells Da-hee how he feels. Meanwhile, Min-soo disapproves of Da-hee and Jae-hyeok’s relationship and calls Na-yeon to kill some time. And Na-yeon, who is worried about Da-hee and Min-soo, crafts a new plan.

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Final Thoughts

Each story, with its unique blend of passion, drama, and cultural richness, has entertained and invited us to explore the complexities of human relationships and desires.

May these Sexy Korean Movies inspire your exploration of love, longing, and the intricate dance of connection.

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