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Power Book 2 Season 4 Is Coming!

Power Book 2 is a much-loved work. After the third season, my love for it is growing daily. From the very first minute, the series has been tense, exciting, and intertwined, with the possibility of betrayal and redemption hiding around every corner.

And now, Power Book 2 is waiting for you to unlock the secrets of family honor and betrayal. These secrets are hidden in the Power Book 2 Season 4.

You all have become excited, right? I will give you the list of its entire fourth season right now!

Power Book 2: Ghost

Power Book II: Ghost, or just “Ghost,” is an American crime drama TV show that started airing on Starz on September 6, 2020. Courtney A. Kemp wrote it. The show comes right after Power and starts a new storyline.

Power Book 2: Ghost

● TV Series
● 2020– Now
● 1h

● Courtney A. Kemp
● Courtney Kemp Agboh
● Monica Mitchell
● Michael Rainey Jr
● Gianni Paolo
● Lovell Adams-Gray

Power Book 2 Season 4 Content

Ghosts follows Tariq’s new life as he yearns to escape his father’s legacy but is also under intense pressure to save his family. Along the way, Tariq becomes embroiled in the affairs of the ruthless Tejada family, and the situation becomes even more complicated as he tries to balance the drug trade with his education, love life, family matters, and scrutiny from local and federal law enforcement.

What’s in Store for Season 4?

The official plot synopsis for Season 4 of Power Book II: Ghost has yet to be released.
But there’s a lot to look forward to after the end of season three. Tasha shot Monet at the end of Season 3, but Tariq was blamed for the shooting because of his previous plans. As such, we can expect Tariq to be fighting for his life next season. Elsewhere, Tariq will also have to avoid Norma’s influence as he and Brayden were involved in a shootout with his crew and Effie, Kane, and Drew in the season 3 finale.

Finally, we’ll see what happens next for Davis McLean, Jenny Sullivan, and Blanca Rodriguez, as the RICO investigation that kicked off Season 3 is a thing of the past.

What's in Store for Power Book 2 Season 4?

Will There Be a Power Book 2 Season 4?

Yes! Power Book 2: Ghost will have a fourth season after STARZ approved the new season before the start of Season 3.

Head of Original Programming at Starz, Kathryn Busby, said, “Power Book 2: Ghost is a wonderful drama that continues to resonate with viewers, and we’re thrilled to be working on it for the first time in a long time. and we’re thrilled to begin production on Season 4 before Season 3 even premieres.” Deadline. “It’s clear that our fans are ready for more episodes of this explosive show, and we look forward to Michael joining our incredible cast.”

Power Book 2 Season 4: What’s the Release Date?

While we know that Power Book II: Ghost will have a fourth season, a premiere date has yet to be set. Nonetheless, we know the new season will premiere after May 3 at the earliest.

Power Book II: Ghost is nearing the halfway point of its third season of Raising Kenan, which is set to end on February 2. The next 50 Cent-assisted series to premiere on the platform will be BMF, whose third season will begin on March 1. The season is expected to last until at least May 3.

How to Watch Power Book 2 Season 4?

Season 4 episodes of Power Book II: Ghost will air weekly via the STARZ app. They will also air weekly on the STARZ TV channel.

The Episodes of Power Book 2

SeasonEpisodesOriginally aired
First airedLast aired
110September 6, 2020January 3, 2021
210November 21, 2021February 6, 2022
310March 17, 2023May 26, 2023
410June 2024TBA

Season 1 (2020–21)

No. in-seasonTitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
1“The Stranger”Anthony HemingwayCourtney A. KempSeptember 6, 2020
2“Exceeding Expectations”Marisol AdlerMonica MitchellSeptember 13, 2020
3“Play the Game”Hernan OtañoGabriela Uribe & Aixsha HicianoSeptember 20, 2020
4“The Prince”Shana SteinCharles Ray Hamilton & Julian OuanésSeptember 27, 2020
5“The Gift of the Magi”Erica A. WatsonAndre J. FergusonOctober 4, 2020
6“Good vs. Evil”Eif RiveraGeoffrey ThorneDecember 6, 2020
7“Sex Week”Hernan OtañoMonica Mitchell & Charles Ray HamiltonDecember 13, 2020
8“Family First”Stewart SchillAndre J. Ferguson & Julian OuanésDecember 20, 2020
9“Monster”Bart WenrichGabriela UribeDecember 27, 2020
10“Heart of Darkness”Rob HardyStory by: Aixsha Hiciano
Teleplay by: Randy Huggins & Aixsha Hiciano
January 3, 2021

Season 2 (2021–22)

No. in-seasonTitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
1“Free Will is Never Free.”Rob HardyBrett MahoneyNovember 21, 2021
2“Selfless Acts?”Stewart SchillMonica MitchellNovember 28, 2021
3“The Greater Good”Brendan WalshKevin J. Hynes & Oneika BarrettDecember 5, 2021
4“Gettin’ These Ends”Ruben GarciaCharles Ray HamiltonDecember 12, 2021
5“Coming Home to Roost”Shana SteinAixsha HicianoDecember 19, 2021
6“What’s Free?”Nefertiti NguvuAndre J. FergusonJanuary 9, 2022
7“Forced My Hand”Hernan OtañoMonica Mitchell & Lacey HerbertJanuary 16, 2022
8“Drug Related”Shana SteinJulian OuanesJanuary 23, 2022
9“A Fair Fight?”Bart WenrichSara Rose FeinbergJanuary 30, 2022
10“Love and War”Rob HardyGabriela UribeFebruary 6, 2022

Season 3 (2023)

No. in-seasonTitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
1“Your Perception, Your Reality”Geary McLeodBrett Mahoney & Ashley Victoria HudsonMarch 17, 2023
2“Need vs. Greed”Ruben GarciaMonica MitchellMarch 24, 2023
3“Human Capital”Eif RiveraVladimir Cvetko & Jormond ThompsonMarch 31, 2023
4“The Land of Opportunity”Stewart SchillAndre J. FergusonApril 7, 2023
5“No More Second Chances”Rob HardyLacey HerbertApril 14, 2023
6“Land of Lies”Erica WatsonMonica Mitchell & Gabriela UribeApril 21, 2023
7“Deal or No Deal”Joy T. LaneThomas WongApril 28, 2023
8“Sacrifice”Dawn WilkinsonSara Rose FeinbergMay 5, 2023
9“A Last Gift”Brendan WalshGabriela UribeMay 19, 2023
10“Divided We Stand”Geary McLeodVladimir CvetkoMay 26, 2023

Final Thoughts:

As the final piece in this game of Power falls into place, you’ll realize that the only constant is that the nature of Power is always changing.

Join Tariq as he reveals the dramatic conclusion to Power Book 2: Ghost. Prepare to soar into uncharted territory in this gripping fourth season of storytelling.

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